Christina XU
Chinese American Artist


第一年(Dì yī nián) - Year one

Ten years ago I left Guam, my birthplace, and moved to San Francisco. Full of excitement with just a pinch of fear to take on the role as a simple girl from an island living it up in a major metropolitan city. Last year, I left the city life to come to what I thought would be a more quiet one. Laredo is a small place but full of big spirit and quiet it's anything but. It's been busy and magical and last Thursday, as the mark of my one year of residency, I had my first two person show. I'm still gathering all the right words for how I'm feeling but with so much emotion in my heart, those words might not even exist. All I can say for right now is, thank you all for making me feel at home. 

Within the past year, since I made the commitment to paint more regularly, I've been discovering a lot about myself through my work. A lot of which has to do with my culture and how it has influenced me despite my efforts to to get away unscathed. My work and my blog entries will reflect what I've learned and how I've healed. I'm not the strongest writer but these writings are in effort to connect with people like me, people not like me and everyone in between. 

Christina Xu